Interval Training Workouts

Interval Training Workout #1: Stationary Bike Tabata Workout

The tabata protocol is a workout method where you perform 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 cycles. Last only 4 minutes.

Workout Instructions:

  • Using a stationary bike, warm up for 5-10 minutes. Have adequate resistance on your bike before you start sprinting so your legs don’t spin out of control.
  • Sprint hard for 20s and bike very slowly for 10s.
    Repeat for a total of 8 rounds or 4 minutes total

Interval Training Workout #2: 25-Minute Sprint Fartlek Workout

In Swedish, Fartlek means “speed play.” The intensity and speed varies however and whenever you want. Walk, jog, and sprint for any distance or length of time, and in any order. This is a spontaneous form of training that you’ll have fun with.

Workout Instructions:

  • Jog for 8 minutes
  • Fast run for 4 minutes
  • Sprint for 20 seconds
  • Walk for 1 minute
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Walk for 1 minute
  • Sprint for 10 second
  • Walk for 1 minute
  • Jog for 5 minutes.
  • Complete a fast run for 1 minute to the finish, and then cool down by walking for 5-10 minutes at the end.

Interval Training Workout #3: 100m Walk-Back Sprint

The walking back sprint is probably one of the most straight-forward and easy to incorporate variations of HIIT If you’re using a track, pick a distance to sprint—50m, 100m, 200m, etc. Sprint then repeat 4-10 times. If you don’t have a track, you can use a street length or pick two points in a park to sprint/walk between. Sprint to the end and walk back to recover.

Workout Instructions:

  • On a track, warm-up with dynamic stretches and accelerations. S
  • Sprint 100m as fast as you can and walk back to the start.
  • Repeat 4-10x.