Choosing Trucks for Your Skateboard

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Guide To Choosing Best Skateboard Trucks

One of the crucial choices that you have to make when assembling a skateboard is the type of trucks you will use. Skateboard trucks are the metal pieces that keep your skateboard’s wheels attached to the deck. They’re not difficult to spot; the trucks are T-shaped devices and have their own system of parts. A skateboard truck is comprised of kingpins, axles, hangers, and bushings. An understanding of how trucks work will help you choose the kind that will work best for your skateboard. If you’d really like to get down and dirty with your research, we recommend taking a look at this heavily researched skateboard trucks buying guide.

When choosing your skateboard truck, ensure that the following parts are intact:


  • Hanger. The biggest and most noticeable part of the truck is the hanger, which is triangle-shaped. The hanger supports the axle, which holds the wheels.
  • Axle. The axle should run straight through the hanger and attaches to the wheel on each end.
  • Bushings are rings that fit around the kingpin. They are generally made of urethane and allow the board to turn smoothly.
  • Kingpin. The kingpin should lie securely inside the bushings. It holds the whole truck in place. It is important to note that recent truck models have hollow kingpins. They are more lightweight but just as sturdy and efficient.


Remember that the tricks you want to do on a skateboard will depend greatly on the type of truck you install under the deck. Overall stability and performance will be affected as well. A bad combination of skateboard trucks could result in wheel bite, which happens when the wheels come into contact with the board, and affects your momentum when doing turns.


The good news is that skateboard trucks are generally adjustable. They can be tightened or loosened, depending on what you would like to achieve in terms of performance. For instance, easy turns are best achieved with soft bushings, whereas sharp turns will need harder bushings.

When choosing a skateboard truck, you must consider the width and height of the deck. Most models on the market today have decks that measure approximately 8 to 9 inches across. If the deck runs 7.5 inches to 8 inches, choose a truck with a 7.75 inch hanger. If the deck goes from 8 inches to 8 and a half inches, a skateboard truck with an 8 inch hanger will be a better choice. Longer skateboards measuring 9 inches and higher (which are suited for pool skating) will need trucks that are approximately 170 millimeters or higher.

Another consideration to make is the height of the skateboard truck. For beginners, a standard medium skateboard truck is recommended. However, if you like the complexity of flip tricks, then stick with small wheels and a low truck, which will give you more control over the turns you make.  If your priority is speed, then the wheels on your skateboard truck will need to be larger. Choose a high skate truck that can handle larger wheels on the axle.

Keep in mind that you can use different combinations of features on a skateboard truck to best suit your preferences, whether you would like to do more tricks with your skateboard, are exploring the best fit for it, or are simply learning how to ride one.