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Best Brands of Exercise Bikes

Posted by Tiffany Fisher on

Exercise bikes are becoming more and more recognized because of the benefits it gives to users. Since you can work out at home with these exercise bikes, you are surely safe from any accident that may happen to you outdoors. Also, you get the benefit of having all the time to exercise since you don’t need to go to the gym for a workout. These and many other benefits are the reasons why people opt to use exercise bikes at home.

There are different types of exercise bikes designed for various body conditions. Recumbent bikes are known for added support to the back for people with limited mobility. On the other hand, upright bikes are much smaller compared to recumbent bikes and have limited support to the back. This type resembles that of the normal outdoor bike. If you are one of those who are planning to purchase an exercise bike soon, make time to read on some tips on how to choose the best exercise bike.

Best Exercise Bike Brands

  • Schwinn

Of all the bike exercise brands, Schwinn exercise bike is probably the most famous among all. It offers various types of bikes including BMX, mountain, stationary and also those for children and cruisers. If there is one type of bike which they focus on, it’s their extensive line of upright stationary exercise bikes. They produce reputable recumbent exercise bikes with string steel frame and stable platform. Most Schwinn bikes are incorporated with numerous programs such as heart rate indicator, mp3 player, built in speakers and apps to track workout data. Their exercise bikes prices range from $250 to $1000.

  • Keiser

Keiser is another favorite brand when it comes to indoor exercise bikes. The sleek and efficient design of their upright bikes paved its way to the top exercise bike brands known in the market today. Their bikes are incorporated with adjustable resistance system and adjustable Shimano combo pedals for maximum use. It also comes with time and distance tracker as well as heart rate and calories computer. For more efficient use, Keiser exercise bikes have adjustable seats and are known to have a near-silent belt drive which all cyclers dream. Keiser exercise bike prices start at $1000.

Schwinn 170 upright bike

  • Sunny Health and Fitness

Indoor bikes from Sunny Health and Fitness comes very durable and efficient despite its very low cost of just under $400. It has adjustable features for its seat as well as handlebars for more effective usage. They take pride with their reputable line of recumbent as well as upright exercise bikes. What is captivating about these exercise bikes is its heavy flywheel which gives you the feeling close to riding a mountain or road bike. You can never go wrong with Sunny Health and Fitness indoor exercise bikes which come heavy-duty but with a very light price.

The competition for the best brands of exercise bikes is a never ending race. There are still other great brands out there not mentioned in this list. Whichever you choose to have, it won’t hurt you if you take a look first at these top brands of exercise bikes available in the market today.